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Creating a spec campaign

Spec campaigns are a great way to boost your outbound sales conversions and prioritise sales effort.  What’s even better is just how easy they are to create.  Simply follow the below steps.

Step 1

Login to Localstars and go to the Spec Orders area.  Once you’ve entered your username and password, click on the “Spec Orders” item under the “Orders” header on the navigation bar

Step 2.

Download the CSV template. We need your data structured in a manner that works with our systems.  The CSV template provides you that structure and includes the headers that we require in order to deliver the best conversion results.

Step 3.

Fill in the template with prospect details. You can export your prospect’s information from your CRM and copy them into the CSV template or simply update the headers of your CRM export.  Specify the details for the salesperson who will work to close this prospect. Also, define what shapes / packages you want to build for the prospect.

Step 4.

Create a new spec campaign. Click the “Create spec Campaign” button and give your new campaign a name.

Step 5.

Upload your CSV of prospects. Simply search for the CSV on your computer, select it and press OK.


1.Log into Localstars

2.Click Orders

3.Click Spec Orders

4.Download template

5.Open CSV

6.Complete CSV (see next paragraph for help on how to complete your CSV)

7.Email completed CSV to your account manager


- URN - Your own client reference (you can make this up or use the client name)

- CRM_ID - Your salesforce reference number (if applicable - if not, just put unique number starting from 1)

- Advertiser Contact First Name - The first name of your prospect

- Advertiser Contact Last Name - The surname of your prospect

- Advertiser Contact Phone Number - The best telephone number for your prospect

- Advertiser Contact Email Address - The email address of your prospect

- Click Through URL - The destination url for your ad

- Advertiser Name - The company name of your prospect - eg Bobs Cars

- Advertiser Address - Address of your prospect

- Advertiser Post Code - Post code of your prospect

- Advertiser City - City of your prospect

- Centre - If you split your teams by centres you can mention this here, if not, simply put the city again

- Advertiser Website - Website of your prospect

- Industry - industry of your advertiser

- Sales Agent First Name - Your first name

- Sales Agent Last Name - Your surname

- Sales Agent Email - Your email address

- Sales Agent Telephone Number - The best telephone number for you

- Publication Name - You can find a list of your current publications as they appear in the system by logging into Localstars, click services and click publications. Please have it as it appears here. 

- Section - Run of site

Step 6.

Save. The platform will conduct some initial data checks and feedback to you any anomalies. Click save when your CSV is good to go.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your spec campaign, the platform will conduct some data validation and translate your values into those supported by our system.  From there the campaign will progress to “in progress” and for each prospect in your spreadsheet an adset will be built.


When all of the adsets for all of the prospects have been built, you’ll receive an email notice letting you know.  Click here to learn what to do when your ads are ready to be shared with your prospects.


Happy and successful spec’ing!

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