Creating and editing your Ad

We are going to show you step-by-step how to create your Ad. Once done, you can show it to clients using the in context preview option and/or get the Ad tags and set the Ad live.



Selecting a template

First, start by choosing your template. Take a look at our Templates page to understand all the options. Scroll through our use the Filters to choose what works best for your advertiser and message.

Choose your template based on the format you want to design. You can also preview templates based on size. Go to the template preview page and in the top right hand corner, choose the shape you wish to preview and once selected, a list of templates that include your desired shape will populate in the preview.

Selecting shapes

Select the template and shape/s you would like to build and then hit the “Build” button. You can preview the shapes using the options at the left hand side of the screen.

Creating an Ad







Ad name

1. Edit the ad name by clicking on the pencil icon. Give your ad a memorable name so you can find it quickly in future.


2. Brand images will already be available for you to use, so you can drag the selected images to change them. Alternately, you can upload your own images by clicking “Choose Files” or “Change“ button, to select images or logos and upload them into the ad. 

3. Click any image to open the options dialogue:“Swap”: the whole image gets picked and the system chooses the cropping area automatically“Crop”: manually crop the area you want.


For images the Aspect Ratio is locked to avoid images being skewed. Logo placeholders are more flexible and don’t require aspect ratio being locked.Place the rectangle to select the cropping area.



4. Edit the colour scheme to suit your brand. Once you have added an advertiser’s logo into the ad, the brand colours will be captured and populated in your colour palette, on top of the standard colours. If you want to make any changes, click "Change" Pick from the palette. Enter the HEX code directly, or use the colour selection tool from your browser/operating system to get the HEX value.


5. Edit the text on each slide by clicking into the text boxes and editing the wording. Each text box will have its own settings. To apply different fonts, sizes or colour, highlight the text before making the selection. This allows you to have multiple selections through out the ad. You have basic text options such as bold, italics or underlined as well as multiple fonts pre-populated in the system ,however, you can import your own font in your SERVICES tab before you begin. To change the colour, you can click on the colour option and either select a colour from our pre-populated brand colours or enter a Hex value. You can change the text size as well as the line height for each text box. Remember to emphasise your key text such as an offer or event period and always have a call-to-action


6. “Refresh” the preview at any time or “Save and Exit” when editing is done.

Please note: the look and feel of your colour selection menu depends on your browser and operating system.