Customising the colours

Using the correct colours in your Ad is as powerful and important as having the right images. We will show you how to choose colours and apply them to your Ad. Please note: the look and feel of your colour selection menu depends on your browser and operating system.




Change the background colours to match the logo and the client brand colours.

You can:


  • Pick from the palette

  • Enter the HEX code directly

  • Use the colour selection menu from your browser/operating system

  • Use the Colour Pix tool or any browser add-on to get the HEX value

Browsers with colour support, display the colour selection menu of the operating system, others, the Localstars palette.

You can edit the colours via RGB or CMYK scales or enter it directly as HEX code. Using a third party colour picker you can copy and paste the HEX code into Localstars.