Managing images

Having the right images is one of the most important aspects of building an Ad. Our image capture feature helps you to obtain the right images for your Ad. You can also upload images directly from your desktop/laptop, allowing  you to have complete control over what will be displayed.


Choosing images

There are two ways of using your selected images. 


1. Drag and drop your chosen images in the image slots to change them


2. Click the “ Choose Files” or “Change“ button, to select images or logos and upload them into the ad.


Click “Crop” to change the area displayed.





Deleting images

You can only delete images from this level, “Advertiser”. Deletion is not possible while you are in edit mode for an ad.

1. On the main menu bar, select Advertisers.


2. Scroll down and select the Advertiser Account that holds the image.


3. In the Advertiser dashboard, click on See All Images.


4. Click on the image you wish to delete, a pop up window will open, select Delete again to finalise.