Preview the Ad

Showing your clients how their Ad will look when it's live is a very powerful feature and it's one of the specialist tools the platform has which makes the ad builder so strong. In this section, we will show you how to use this feature to its full potential and view ads in-context.




To share a preview link with your advertiser click on “Share”.

  • Incontext produces the in-site view, your ad embedded in a publisher’s website

  • Simple gives you a plain preview on white background with just the publishers logo as reference

Take a look at our demo to see how easy it is to view an ad in-context.

Once you have finished your ad, and clicked "Save and Exit", you can preview all your ad shapes together. 

You can now enter clickthrough URL for creatives displayed in preview.

The Incontext page will default to the last publication you chose. Select any preview from the drop down menu.

Choose between Incontext and Simple. Also select the shapes you want to display in the preview.

Note: Do not copy the link from the browser bar when you want to share this preview. Only use the link generated via the Share button.

Depending on what view you have chosen, you will be presented with your in context preview for mobile or rich media.

Mobile                                                                                                         In context