St Patrick's Day ads

St. Patrick’s Day is a key retail date with celebrations planned all around the world and consumer spending forecasted to be in the billions. We can help you capture more of that spend this year, with our creative, high­impact, digital ads.

It’s important to remember that people make decisions about products/services you advertise in seconds. So when creating the ad, you have to ensure that it makes an instant impression, grabbing the audience’s attention and encouraging them to click.

Here are some top tips:

Keep it simple

  • Short and sweet messaging that are immediately understood

  • Ensure your images are clean and clearly show your product or brand for instant recognition

Have a Powerful Message

  • Emphasize benefits and create a sense of urgency to make them interact.

  • Entice the customer with your key message such as a discount, offer or a new launch.

Call to Action (CTA)

  • Always have a CTA so they viewers know how you want them to engage

  • Keep action words short and descriptive, for example, “Book Now”, “Sign up” or “Get started”

  • You can add the advertiser’s name in the CTA for that extra brand recognition

We have over 300 tried and tested templates, which generate industry leading click-through rates, ready for you to customise for your St. Patrick’s Day advertisers.

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