What to do once your Sales Automation campaign ads have been built

So you’ve submitted a creative driven sales campaign and have received a notice telling you that your ads are all ready to be sent.  Now you need to send the creative to the client and watch the conversions roll in. Here’s what happens next.

1. Collect your preview links

Access your campaign

  1. Login into the platform

  2. Navigate to your Sales Automation campaigns

3. Find the specific campaign you’re looking for by using the filters or sortable column headers

From here you can retrieve Email Preview URLs in 2 ways:

1. One at a time. Click into the campaign to see all of the spec orders. By clicking the “COPY PREVIEW LINK” button next to each record you can copy the preview URL for that prospect.  This approach works well if your sales teams all access the platform and are self-servicing.

2. Exporting all records. When you export data, you are downloading a CSV containing all of the information for each prospect in your campaign.  One of the columns in the CSV will be “Email Preview URL”.

2. Send your customised messages
3. Track response

Now you need to send your prospects a customised email message that includes the Email Preview URL.  Simply draft up a message using your usual email tools. Paste the preview link into the body of the message and direct your advertiser to view their pre-made creative.  Also, don’t forget to include details of what you’re selling them.

Finally, we’ll alert your sales agents when any of their prospects are engaging with the preview link.  We’ll send them an email immediately when the advertiser has opened the link or clicked the request callback button. We also track how many times they’ve opened the link and how long they’ve spent viewing the ads to provide a good measure of engagement.  All of this detail can be accessed on the website or in the CSV when exporting data from the platform.