In this section you will find useful information regarding capturing colours and using the snipping tool for your chosen images in your ad. Please ensure the latest versions of Javascript and Flash are installed to your local system.

Colour picker




To find the HEX value of the colour you want for your ad in the platform:


1. Go the website which has the image or text in the colour you want.


2. Select the colour picker tool.


3. Hover over the colour you want the value for.


4. Paste or write the HEX value into the colour palette in Localstars.


Tools for colour selectors:

Download a free colour picker for Windows PC:

Free download for Google Chrome:

Free download for Mozilla Firefox:

Instructions on how to activate the Colour Picker in Internet Explorer:


Snipping tool

Utilise a Snipping Tool (built-in your operating system) for cutting and pasting logos and images.



1. Select the snipping tool and click New 


2. Select around your image or logo to snip it, it's then stored ready for you. Simply save it and upload it to the platform to use.

Mac users can use cmd+shift+4