Dynamics Ads

Dynamics Ads

What is a dynamic structure?


A dynamic structure is the intersection of different data points that determines when a customised ad is displayed

Creating Dynamic Ads

Once you have finish building the ad, click on “Make your adset dynamic”

For multi ad shapes click “Save and Exit” and check all ad shapes are correct. Then edit all and select Make your adset dynamic.

A window will pop up on the screen. Then click on “Create New Structure”.

Name your dynamic structure

Days Of Week Option

Select one of the options available in the left menu, drag and drop the option you require into the base ad.

Name the node and select the day or days.

Scroll down and click on Done.

You can set all days of the week you want for the adset. So each ad will have a different message.

Date Range Option

Drag and drop “Date Range” into the day of the week you want.

Name the new node.

Select a start and end date.

Once you have a name, start and end date, click on done.

You can set the dynamic ads, with different message and art to run in different months.

Time Range Option

Drag and drop Time Range into the structure and name the new mode.

Select time range (from/to)

Once all is set, click on Done.

You can set up a different ad for each part of the day.

Finalising Your Dynamic Ad

Once everything is completed, click SAVE CHANGES.

Now that you’re back to the ad building screen, you can select each one of the dynamic options on the left side menu and edit the ad to match each one of the options.
Once you are done, save and exit.